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How old is Kratos?


Kratos could be 200 years old or more than 1000 years old, depending on how you interpret history. The second hypothesis makes use of actual dates for Ancient Greece and the Spartan era, which are about 450 BC.

How old is Kratos?

The alternative explanation makes use of every bit of data from the game and extrapolates information from Kratos’ time in Greece and his relocation to the new area, where he met Faye and had Atreus.

Kratos is thought to be in his late 40s or early 50s by the time the original trilogy concludes, having served the gods for approximately ten years and killing his family when he was around 30. This information was found by Redditor intergenerational.

From there, we can add roughly 150 years because God of War 2018 emphasizes Kratos’ legacy by stating that Tyr’s temple was “asleep” for 150 years.

Even though he may have been unconscious for a longer period of time, estimating 50 years in Greece and 150 years of travelling before meeting Faye and embarking on his voyage with Atreus at age 11 gives us a reasonable estimate of 200 years.