Is TikTok inappropriate for 11 year olds?

A social network for sharing user-generated videos, primarily of people lip-syncing to hit songs, is called TikTok (formerly known as Users can make and submit videos of themselves talking, singing, dancing, or lip-syncing.

You can also browse and engage with the content posted by other users, which includes a diverse selection of songs, themes, and musical genres. These videos can be organized using hashtags, which are frequently associated with challenges, memes, or current affairs (for example, #pandemiclife).

Is TikTok inappropriate for 11 year olds?

TikTok can be kid-friendly if you keep an eye on your kids, use safety settings, and only upload music you already know. Due to TikTok’s focus on popular music, many of its videos contain explicit language, making them unsuitable for children to use on their own.

No child under the age of 13 should use any social media, including TikTok, according to Jean Twenge, the foremost expert in the country on how social media affects the child and adolescent development.

Many 13-year-olds aren’t ready, I’d also say. For users under the age of 13, TikTok has a curated version of their app. Don’t employ it.