Which is better more RAM or SSD?

RAM is being measured from 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, etc but it all depends on the kind of computer the laptop of which the user is using. The RAM of 16GB can’t be crushed by any other game or anything.RAM can be bought and replaced RAM is the best memory card for every computer or laptop … Read more

Should I increase RAM or SSD?

There is better and strong RAM which is very good and better when it comes to gaming. In other words, some RAMS are a very good fit for gaming as well. The RAM ranks from 8GB to 16GB, 32, GB, etc. All works well. There is no gaming which is very good and better than … Read more

How can I speed up my SSD?

The RAM is 8GB, 16GB 32, GB, etc. But all is mainly for the use and basically on the laptop or the computer of which you are using about. The RAM can be bought because the motherboard can also be bought. RAM has been announced many years ago even though many users of computers and … Read more

Can full SSD cause lag?

The RAM can be crushed, and the process of the RAM crashing means that the RAM is destroyed. The RAM is the main part of the computer which stores information and other things. The RAM is the memory card and also the memory chip of the computer RAM has been announced many years ago when … Read more

Which earphone is best wired or wireless?

Earphone was not known as earphone by the but rather was known to be earbuds in those days when it was announced. The earphones have been manufactured by some companies like Sumsang, Sony, Apple company, Panasonic, Bose, etc. If any user wants to check from the earphone the user must listen to it first. The … Read more

Why is RAM faster than SSD?

You can’t mention a computer or a part of a computer and ignore the mention of the RAM. It has become like the born of the computer of today which is the RAM. There were announced as the gods of all chips. RAM has been announced for a very long time and has spent more … Read more

Can a SSD improve FPS?

Do you know that a video is a continuously displaying picture? These pictures are displayed in a really fast rate giving the user the feel of a video as we know it. In playing video games, the graphics we observed are also displayed in frames. The number of frames that can be displayed within a … Read more

Should I store games on SSD or HDD?

This is one of the most crucial components of a computer. the storage device, as the name suggests stores all the files for usage on the computer or transfers to another computer. There are two storage systems in a computer system. One of them stores data temporarily and the other store’s data for a relatively … Read more

Does full SSD decrease FPS?

FPS of your computer determines the smoothness of a video play on your system. As you may already know, videos are a series of pictures that are displayed in a linear sequence at a really fast rate. The rate at which the pictures are displayed is measured in FPS, Frames Per Second. This is the … Read more