Which is the best Xbox console?


Xbox is manufactured and designed by Microsoft with good and powerful features which exceed all of them in terms of everything and anyhow it works. Xbox has many consumers because of how well the package they have. Xbox has been discontinued. When was Xbox announced? The Xbox which is also known as the original console … Read more

Is Xbox better than PS5?


The PlayStation has been able to gain much popularity over the years as compared to Microsoft’s Xbox. If we talk about the popularity of these devices, PS5 has the upper hand. Sony was able to sell about 11 million units of this console in just 2021. This show that more people do seem to want … Read more

What is the first Xbox?


In 2001, a new game console hit the shelves that competed with the already established industry leaders PlayStation and Nintendo. This was the Xbox which has been staking its claim as one of the best gaming platforms ever since. Before the Xbox, Microsoft had, besides making computer software, already been successful in publishing games for … Read more

Can AirPods connect to Xbox?


Xbox and any other gaming console are probably more enjoyable if you play them with someone. For online gaming, communication is sometimes key and most players would want to have the ability to converse with other gamers they meet online. If you have an Xbox and an AirPods, you may be tempted to try pairing … Read more