What does vine stand for?

was a popular social video hosting platform that provided users with six seconds of Internet fame by sharing short videos on the Internet. After being founded in June 2012, the company was quickly acquired for $30 million by the microblogging platform the following October, even before its official launch.

In October 2016, Twitter discontinued the Vine mobile app; however, the website and app remained available for users to view and download content, but content creators were no longer permitted to post new videos.

In December of the same year, it was announced that the Vine mobile app would be available as a standalone service, allowing creators to create and share content; however, it was directly linked to the user's Twitter feed, rather than Vine.

What does vine stand for?

In the narrowest sense, a vine is a grapevine, but it can also refer to any plant with a trailing or scandent growth habits, such as climbing, stems, or runners. When used in wickerwork, the term can also refer to the stems or runners themselves.


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