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What is Bluesky social Dorsey?


An effort to create a decentralized social network protocol is called Bluesky. It was launched by Twitter as a nonprofit initiative in 2019 and is now in the research stage as of 2022.

Without any major interest held by Twitter, Bluesky is owned by the team itself, technically under the name Bluesky Public Benefit LLC.

What is Bluesky social Dorsey?

The initiative’s scope and aims, which include what the protocol itself should cover and what should be left to applications, were accepted by Twitter executives (the social networks built atop the standard).

These objectives include giving applications the ability to tailor their moderation processes, holding applications accountable for compliance and takedown requests, and avoiding virality algorithms from exacerbating moral indignation and controversies.

The working group was unable to reach an agreement on these objectives, so Twitter chose to provide individual recommendations. These ranged from supporting the interoperability of standards to bolstering current standards and letting usage statistics determine where to invest.

Early in 2021, Bluesky was still in the research stage, with 40–50 members of the decentralized technology community working to evaluate choices and put together protocol ideas.