Why is my Camera blocked on Omegle?

Are you on and your camera seems to be blocked from access on your device? This article is directed to help you fix this issue and continue having fun on .

What is Omegle?

This is an online platform that has been released recently to help people all over the world meet other people that they might under a normal situation meet. This platform can be considered social media. Even though the platform does not require users to create any kind of profile before they can use the system, it has been seen that quite a number of users on the platform end up making friends that they end up meeting in real life.

When was released?

The platform was released in 2009. At the time, because the platform didn’t have any security feature for tracking wrongdoers on the platform, people didn’t want to get involved with it. Sooner later; people began to understand that anonymity is what makes stand out and even more fun. Even though it was risky, people started joining from all over the world.

Why is my Camera blocked on Omegle?

Some people have reported that their cameras have been blocked while using the Omegle. This is mostly because of the use of some online protection services like Norton web security. Also, it may be due to corrupted cookies in your web browser that you are using to chat on Omegle.

To get rid of these issues, simply resetting your web browser or turning off your web security may help sort this issue out for you and get you back online with your stranger friends.

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