How do I study for medicine shelf exam?

Five High-Yield Tips: While in the exam, start with the last 10 questions first. The latter questions require more thought, while previous questions are easier without as heavy analysis. Start studying early. This can be more difficult than it ! Equilibrium. Utilize the correct resources. The Long View. Click to see full answer. In this manner, how do you study for a shelf exam? Studying for Shelf Exams Start Early. If you know you're going to be writing a shelf exam at the end of the semester, start reviewing Step 1 supplementary material from the very first day. Use a variety of resources. Accept what you don't know. Don't let the exam psych you out. what is a shelf exam in med school? A “shelf” exam is an exam that some medical schools purchase from the NBME that test materials presented in the third-year clerkships. They are literally pulled from a box on the “shelf” and thus the name “shelf” exams. Additionally, how many questions are on the internal medicine shelf exam? 110 questions Is UWorld enough for internal medicine shelf?UWorld: Only for Internal Medicine clerkship – start doing some questions, related to what you have seen so far on the wards. There is a monster amount of them and you may not finish them all before your shelf, which is fine. (If only we had time-turners.

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